Be Strategic: Consider Your URL Carefully

Selecting your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or reference (address) on the Internet. Is among the most important decision you make about your blog. An URL is permanent. 
  • If you are blogging about one particular subject, e.g., parenting, podcasts, sports, teams, you may want to use a pithy web address (URL) for your blog.
  • A cautionary word about being pithy: my blog was originally a just a rant on political observations, then I started writing books and my blog morphed into my writer's platform. I did some fancy research to make my author's name and my pithy name  interchangeable. 
  • The domain needs reflect your product or business.
  • Your domain needs to be easy to read not only on a computer, but on a phone, ipad, and a business card.
  • Make sure it ends with the correct suffix (.com,, edu)
  • Keep your domain professional. It reflects you and your product.
Is My Selection Available?
You need to register your domain aka web address.  Web address are registered so choose more than one web address. You need alternate choices if your first choice is already registered. Click on  to check your domain choices has been taken. 

How do I pick a vendor?
Multiple vendors offer various registration opportunities. You need to be cautious.  
  • Ask other writers which vendor did they choose to register their web address. 
  • Read reviews from business and technology magazines for critiques and ratings on these vendor services. The links below are samples of what you can find by "googling - Reviews on Domain Registration Companies:

Other Resources
The following link What is an url? is a resource explaining an Uniform Resource Locator.


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