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Be Strategic:Review Blogger Platforms 2016

Blogging creates an identity, brand, and culture for a writer, business, product, instructional institution, or service. The creator of the blog needs to identify the goal and objectives of the blog before looking for the right platform (program). A blogger platform is a program used to create a blog. These programs are either free or charge a monthly fee. How do you decide which platform works for you? Well, it depends on the what you goals you want you blog to achieve: Are you creating a word heavy blog?  Do you need the versatility of templates? Are analytics critical to your blog success?  Is your blog personal and only for you to read? Do you want to grow a social platform? Will your blog be rich with photos or video? How critical is the analysis of feedback? Do you want to make money with your blog? I use Blogger because it was part of my  Gmail offerings and several of my writer colleagues suggested it. Wordpress  also was suggested to me, but I personally