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Be Strategic:Review Blogger Platforms 2016

Blogging creates an identity, brand, and culture for a writer, business, product, instructional institution, or service. The creator of the blog needs to identify the goal and objectives of the blog before looking for the right platform (program).

A blogger platform is a program used to create a blog. These programs are either free or charge a monthly fee. How do you decide which platform works for you?

Well, it depends on the what you goals you want you blog to achieve:

Are you creating a word heavy blog? Do you need the versatility of templates?Are analytics critical to your blog success? Is your blog personal and only for you to read?Do you want to grow a social platform?Will your blog be rich with photos or video?How critical is the analysis of feedback?Do you want to make money with your blog?
I use Blogger because it was part of my Gmail offerings and several of my writer colleagues suggested it. Wordpress also was suggested to me, but I personally did not find it as easy to set…