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Be Strategic: Know Blogging Basics

Once you have established your blog's goals and objectives, make a plan for your blog's installments. Unless you are going to journal your life as it happens, your blog needs to be planned to garner an audience. Attracting an Audience  What attracts an audience? Who are the readers you want to reach and maintain? This assessment is the first step in establishing a successful blog.  Knowing your "people" and getting them excited about what you write establishes your base.  These readers help share your information. When considering your audience, check out Google's Communities. This resource not only gives you ideas for your blog community, but one or two of the Google communities can become part of your distribution list. Plan a Blog Campaign  Blogging is marketing. It is marketing your brand as a writer. Plan an introduction blog that state's your blog's goals, objectives, and enlists readers to become contributors. Your subject matter needs a