Be Strategic: Commune, Critique,Discuss with Other Writers

I don't know how many times I've heard "Writing is a solitary action." Whoever made that statement mis-spoke. The act of putting the ideas down on paper or keying them into a computer or phone is a physical act a writer does alone.  It is the only time a writer takes his or her collective ideas, experiences, and sensory inputs create sentences, ideas, and sometimes characters.  Writing is a culmination of multiple external and internal inputs.

One of the most important inputs is discussion with other writers. Now don't start giving me an examples of writers who never left their homes. If you can't leave the house, you have this wonderful tool you are using at this moment to read my blog. There a legitimate Writers' Communities on Gmail, FaceBook, Goodreads,,  Use your search engine to work for you and be discriminating.

Writers need other writers to talk the talk. If you can't attend your local writers' organization meetings, join it anyway. Their newsletter, group on Facebook, and conferences opens opportunities to meet, eat, and speak with other writers.

One of the best forums to use on your road to becoming a better writer is to join a writers group.  Find or form a group that meets to read aloud unpublished work. A group that doesn't nit pick about grammatical rules. The purpose of a writers' critique group is to strengthen the bones, characters, and the plot. Think of your writers group as your first beta group. You talk about the story.

Writers need writers to talk about "writers block," social platforms, submission experiences, literary magazines that work, marketing. In other words, successful authors need to share with up coming authors to stay humble and novice authors need experience writers to walk beside them as guides.

The best thing that happened to my writing was forming a writing group. I have gained more knowledge about audience expectations, visual imagery, character development, and creating a world with these diverse, direct, diligent  individuals . The Salt Lake Writers Group has been my salvation in the world of the lonely writer. It has taken me beyond just producing stories. This group, some who weren't even born in the era I write about,  have made my novel richer with stronger verb suggestions, encourage nouns and descriptions that place the reader in the scene, and helped me transcend my mid-twentieth century story to a relatable for a twenty-first reader.


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