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Be Strategic: Cue Ideas as Drafts

Writers groan about blogging. "It's a horrendous undertaking. You have to get an URL. You have to create a blog site. You have to come up with ideas on a regular basis." This last lament is perhaps the easiest of all issues to tackle. Selecting topics to blog about can be annual even or quarterly event. Some writers use a blog as a journal, while others advertise. Both avenues are correct, but if you want to gain an audience, you need to offer something.  Readers come back if there is something in it for them. Your offerings need to evolve from an overarching theme. "Be Strategic" is my choice this year. I started out with two ideas in January. Every time a strategic idea burst forth, a new blog draft is made. Sometimes the first draft consists of only a title. Other times the blog begins with sketchy notes or links from researching the subject. These little "blog seeds" germinate while I write, live, and think. When a blog is due, I read throu