Celebrate Being An American

 Roll out the flag and bunting!         
Strike up the band! 
Light up the barbecue grills 
 Start celebrating!   
Despite all the tough times, hardships, the bickering, and the mean-spiritedness we experience, this country is still worth celebrating.
  • We grow and expand. 
  • We make noise and rabble rouse.  
  • We make it through hard times. 
  • We are an Americans first, not Liberals or Conservatives, not Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Tea Partiers, or Green Partiers.  
  • If we are born here or we landed here to become American, we all are Americans. 
     Recently, my husband said to me, "I am grateful for being born in the United States." Think about that for a minute. Would you be able to say the same thing?
      As a woman,  I am thrilled I was born a American. Where, during my life time women have had the opportunity:
  • to vote
  • to seek political office
  • to seek a higher levels of  education
  • to work with men as equals
  • to compete in sports
  • to break the "glass ceiling" 
  • to bring social issues to the fore front
  • to let our daughters know there are more careers for women besides teaching and nursing. 
My husband's and my grandparents were immigrants. They came to this country and couldn't speak the language, took the worst and hardest jobs, but wanted more for their families. My maternal grandmother who only had a third grade education became a successful business woman and so did my husbands maternal nana.
We thank our grandparents for coming here. 
So, next time you think politics is messy, just think of the representatives from the 13 original colonies locked up in a non-air-conditioned building in Philadelphia arguing about the wording of the Declaration of Independence. It was hot, muggy, and very time consuming with a pen and quill, no electricity, and far from their farms and businesses. 
          The same group of colonies who declared themselves the United States stated further their expectations for the newly established country's citizens in the United States Constitution  written a few years later. It states:

We, the People of the United States, in Order 
  • to form a more perfect Union,  
  • establish Justice
  • insure Domestic Tranquility, 
  • to provide for the Common Defense
  • promote the General Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity, 
do ordain and establish this Constitution for 
the United States of America. 

       This is our heritage. The legacy we should preserve. This is what  it means to be an American. So celebrate, tell the story of the innovation called a "democratic republic." It is a day to be proud to be an American.


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