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The Sunday Book Review: "Alive, Alive Oh!"

Today I'm launching "The Sunday Book Review." Writers must read to immerse themselves in the writing of others. Reading helps writers to see how other writers conquered the blank page. We need to investigate what type of events inspired an author to scribe. Reading other authors' products opens the window to understanding what lures a reader to a book. My first choice is  Alive, Alive Oh! (And Other Things That Matter). It   is a rare book. The author, Diana Athill Hill was born in England, in 1917.  She spent most her life as a literary editor. She scribed her reflections on life. In her nineties, she asked an agent friend to read these "bits" of writing to see if they were worth publishing. Those "bits" became this book. This small publication shares her life as a woman passing through the twentieth century. She reveals her impressions of the tumultuous times experienced by world events. She opens the door to a world never discussed by w

Be Strategic: Hire A Professional Editor

Paul Genesse, Writer A couple of months ago, Paul, a published writer friend  of mine and I were talking about self-publishing. After he went through all my concerns, he asked, "Who is your editor?" My heart sank. I felt foolish. I had done my do diligence on so many levels for my book. I hoped to publish, but I didn't follow through on the editor. He said, "Pat, Pat, you can't publish that book before you have a "professional" editor review it. With a humility I asked, "Paul, who is your editor?" He spoke her name. I asked him. "Does she take new clients?" He said, "I'll see her in a couple of days. I'll tell her you'll be getting in touch with her." His concern about my editing was pivotal in helping me become a better writer.  I am indebted to Paul Genesse. The process of working with an editor can be daunting, educating, and sometimes awe inspiring. I educated as a business communicator. My