Be Strategic: Hire A Professional Editor

Paul Genesse, Writer
A couple of months ago, Paul, a published writer friend of mine and I were talking about self-publishing. After he went through all my concerns, he asked, "Who is your editor?" My heart sank. I felt foolish. I had done my do diligence on so many levels for my book. I hoped to publish, but I didn't follow through on the editor.

He said, "Pat, Pat, you can't publish that book before you have a "professional" editor review it.

With a humility I asked, "Paul, who is your editor?"

He spoke her name.

I asked him. "Does she take new clients?"

He said, "I'll see her in a couple of days. I'll tell her you'll be getting in touch with her."

His concern about my editing was pivotal in helping me become a better writer.  I am indebted to Paul Genesse.

The process of working with an editor can be daunting, educating, and sometimes awe inspiring. I educated as a business communicator. My focus was research, newsletters, emails, presentations, speeches, letters, instructional materials, to name a few products.

Novel writing is a new product. Yes I can sit down write 50,000 word in 30 days. I read books on plot, structure, point of view, characterization, but it was my editor who placed me on the novel writing path.

Yes, successful writers have written books without an editor, but they are like a 'walk on' to a professional baseball or football team - rare.

If you want to send the best of your writing to an agent, attached to a query, or  publish on the multiple self-publishing platforms, get an editor who edits for a  living. Your relative or friend with an English major helps you when your developing your book, but when you say "I'm done." Contact someone who is a professional editor.

How do you find one? Ask your author friends who they contract with to review and edit their work. Editing is not proofreading. Editing is making sure your story is professional.

Be Strategic: Find a professional editor to take you to another level of writing.

The sites below are sources for making a decision about an editor:


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