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July 2017: Writers - Succumb to Summer

"Lovely July...with the evocative murmur of honey bees on the wing  and the smell of suntan cream." ~ Cynthia Wickham July offers writers a fertile opportunities for writing powerful images. Cynthia Wickham's quote describes uses distinct descriptions. The sound of bees and smell cream is familiar, but the reader's experiences paint the setting. Think about it. Summer slows down all the living creatures. Shade is sought for sipping cool drinks. Man and beast seek the elusive breeze to caress the clamminess from their skins. Writers pull yourselves out of your caves. Permit the sun  to shine on you. Slather on sun screen. Grab a hat and a soothing, icy, liquid refreshment. Make sure to take a pen and paper, or a method to transcribe your July experience. Find a location that offers an opportunity for multiple sensory observations while remaining a veiled witness to a July day. Write with your nose, ears, feet, hands, tongue! Watch children with ice