Review: The Good Fight

The Good Fight The Good Fight by Danielle Steel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Steele takes her readers back to the early 60's when women's lives were defined by their husband and children. Meredith McKenzie defines her life, her way. How does she do this? Well, Steel's character is a child of a very privileged family. Her father never cuts her off from money. Her grandfather encourages her independence and maverick ideas.

To Meredith (Merrie's) credit, she wants to make a difference. She wants to emulate her father and grandfather who believed in 'the good fight.' The story kept my attention because many of the issues presented, I live through as a teenager.

This story gives brush strokes to the social issues of the Sixties: sexism, racism, and gender bias. The beginning of the book took on a great pace and kept the reader engrossed. The Steele's ending disappointed me. I felt she hurried to end the story. It is a 'good read.'

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