Review: Hope Never Dies

Hope Never Dies Hope Never Dies by Andrew Shaffer
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Hope Never Dies]

The author gives the reader a glimpse into life after eight years in the White House. "Uncle Joe" Biden is grouting tile. His side kick and friend Obama along with his government assigned body guard, Steve, spends his time flitting around the world indulging in outdoor sports with movie stars and famous tycoons. All this changes when Obama a.k.a Barack visits Biden on hid dark patio.

Joe knows clandestine meetings means something bad happened. Barack relates to Joe that his favorite conductor's body just was found on the tracks of the high speed train Joe rode while serving in Congress. Andrew Shaffer begins a 'mystery ride' with a political tilt.

You don't need any specific political leanings to enjoy this story. Shaffer add Biden and Obama for their quirks and comebacks. Trust me, this book made me laugh about a murder.

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