Thanksgiving: Celebrating the Goodness in All

Celebrating: Goodness in All

 Franklin D.Roosevelt, on October 31,1939, signed a presidential proclamation fixing the Thanksgiving holiday to the last Thursday in NovemberHe standardized the holiday's date when he signed joint resolution of Congress, on December 26, 1941  changing the national Thanksgiving Day from the last Thursday in November to the fourth Thursday. The holiday continues on each year on as prescribed. 

This holiday's recognition continued through wars, a presidential assassinations, internal and external political protests, terrorists' bombings and random, senseless shootings. We prepare this week to sit with our family and friends and give thanks. 

Yes, turbulence exists and madness seems to reign relentlessly throughout solid institutions. Yet, we need to remember our willingness some 80 years after FDR's first proclamation to give thanks. 

Give some thought about thankfulness this year. The litany includes health, jobs, food, the ability to speak out, to write, but the most important the freedom is to love unconditionally. This right brings us to the table of gratitude. Recognize each person's uniqueness without malice. Practice civility and politeness.

We can't resolve the family feuds, political differences, religious hurts, and the injustices experienced by ourselves at one dinner. We can reflect and give thanks for the good, even if it is only the few hours of feasting with family and friends. 

Happy Thanksgiving to One and All!


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