Quarantine Upheaval

 Two years, major medical problems, and the need to stay away from family, friends, and neighbors limited my writing and sad to say my blog.  It is too boring to go into details of my husband's and my tryst with today's medicine.  I am happy to report both of us are vaccinated and through God's grace have avoided the COVID tango.

Books, meals, ordering groceries on line have us eating well. We call in our prescriptions and they are delivered. The zenith of my day is my walk to our mailbox. Yes, I live in a city, but we have a communal mailbox. I'll write about the mailbox in depth with a later blog. 

My Christmas shopping was completed online.  It was interesting this year on Amazon. If you could choose to delay the delivery of order, they would discount your order. If they were out of the item you wanted, Amazon offered options.

If I get a chance to eat in a restaurant, I'll have to read my Miss Manner's Etiquette book again. It has been so long, I really don't know if  I have any sense of how to act, let alone what clothes to wear out in public. 

My husband amuses himself with the online sports, televised games, and game analysis articles. He also dragged out all his sports magazines from 1940-2000. He organized them and is doing his due diligence to get them on the market. I think he is secretly hoping that I'll get tired of the boxes on shelves in what was once my spacious office.

The downer of this containment is the political situation. I am married to a retired Political Science professor. He is an observer of all things political both written and televised. I think this is the cause of my COVID melancholy.

My confinement slaps my senses with the "great lie" and the individual propagate this lie of our last  presidential election. Some days it is enough to make my muscles tighten as I watch Congress blatantly continue to refuse to work with each other. 

I lived through dissents caused by racial unrest in our country. But with 30% of the American population believing the "big lie" causes one to wonder where one may have to travel to become safe from future unrest. 

What happened to the Americans who believe in the Constitution and fair and equal elections.  Why this unrest?  Is because we didn't talk about the United States enough in Social Studies? Are we a nation of celebrity opinion or cerebral laziness?

Think about this my friends. Just a few links to widen your view.




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